Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Shot of Viagra for the Movement

Last weeks incident with Tony Yayo and Jimmy Rosemond’s 14-year-old son has sparked outrage in New York. Which is a good thing. But when will we confront the real enemy?

Who’s the real enemy you ask?

The real enemies are the ignorant ass jack offs, who – of their own free will, continue to perpetuate the worse stereotypes of Black men. And guess what? They too are Black men.

You know who I’m talking about. I’m talking about the so-called brothers and sisters that who – through their own actions, have shown that they don’t hold the same values as the rest of Black America. These people choose to be niggas. Or niggers. Or if you really want to keep it real niggaz.

I’m not going to insult your intelligence and run down for you what a nigga is. I think you know.

But what of this planned rally? Is it going to be more sermons and freedom songs or is it going to spark real meaningful dialogue amongst Black people? Bill Cosby has been touring the country for the last couple of years speaking his peace. Stanley Crouch has been on his stepladder condemning our generation for so long, I’m starting to think the brother is glued there or something. We haven’t given him reason to stop because he’s right. Especially when you think about recent events. Anyone remember NBA All Star weekend for starters?

If the Hip Hop Action Network really wants to make a difference here’s what they can do. They can march all right. They can find out where that brother Tony Yayo is going to be that day and march to that building or house and hold their protest there. Bring drummers, conga players and a several thousand pissed off people. Be sure to beat the drums loud so that people know you mean business.

And when you get to his location break out the stepladder and turn on the bullhorn and say the following: “Marvin Bernard (that’s his real name) this is the Black community. Bring your black ass out here nigga! It’s time for you to answer to the people!”

Back in the 60’s they identified the enemy and made an example of him. Anyone remember the name Bull Connor? Hearing his name today wouldn’t cause a normal sane Black person to feel warm and fuzzy now does it? That’s because we know he’s the enemy.

Same for the people like Marvin Bernard.
If we don’t confront them our movement will continue to be as limp as a bad case of Erectile Dysfunction. Russell Simmons and Ben Chavis have decided to not take part in the planned rally. Hmmmmm…I wonder what they really think about the subject? I smell poverty pimpin’ goin’ on. What do you think?