Friday, August 11, 2006


'The Wire' returns on September 10th - it is by far one of the best dramatic shows ever produced for television. This season they take a look at the way the school system has failed our kids.

My four year old starts pre-Kindergarten next week, as a parent, nothing concerns me more than the quality of my children's education. I can give a damn about my sons wearing brand new Nike's or Sean John or any of that other garbage, I'm concerned about what happens in the classroom and schoolyard.

Earlier this week I took my son TJ to get tested for a pre-K program, one of the little boys (he couldn't have been older than 5) had a gold chain with a Jesus medallion! I sat there and saw that and said to myself: 'Getdafuckouttahere'. What kind of values are being passed down to that child?

Although there were only 20 spots available my son got in. I couldn't be happier. They made the program available to the neediest children: Those on Medicaid, welfare, etc - of which my family does not receive. We got the call today that he will be in one of the best Montessouri programs in the city! I love it - it's FREE. The school has an orchestra from what I understand.

The other day I was thinking about Christmas time: My sons have more toys and DVD's than I ever had. I'm going to buy them musical instruments. One day I took them to Sam Ash with me, they had a field day messing with the drums and keyboards. After twenty years of buying equipment and records guess what? I'm going to buy my sons drums, drum machines, keyboards and if they want them, guitars. They are going to start off with keyboards cause I don't have a room for them to practice drums in. When we buy a house all of their instruments will go in the garage!

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