Wednesday, October 18, 2006

VH1 Does It Again

Last years show has a slight edge over this years, the stand out performance for me was the Afrika Bambaataa tribute. Erykah Badu, Fat Joe, Q Tip, The Roots, George Clinton and Bootsy Collins all paid tribute to Afrika Bam and that shit was funky! My only problem with the Bam tribute was the absence of the Soul Sonic Force. Yes, Bam was the visionary of the group, but, ah, the lyrics were written by GLOBE, Pow Wow and Biggs, who were the actual MC's on the records. I gotta reach out to GLOBE and find out what happened.

Speaking of which, what the fuck happened to Tracy Morgan? Did you see duke on stage last night? How in the hell did that shit happen? That dude looked fruitier than a box of Fruit Loops. He walked out on stage looking extremely gay... Did you see that shit?

And Lil Kim what the fuck happened to her? She used to be a real cute girl. Somebody give her her nose back!

The Rakim tribute was hot.

On a different note why is it that the Beastie Boys not only look old but rhyme the same exact way after all of these years and no one not a one person says anything about them sounding old school?

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