Monday, December 19, 2005

What a Difference a Chair Makes

Name a great thinker. Go ahead name someone. Anyone. Here I’ll drop a few: Galileo. Martin Luther King. Freud. Now what do they all have in common? This: I bet they were comfortable when they were coming with their great ideas.

Think about it. Galileo had to have a comfortable seat to think in to come up with all of his theories and whatnot. Let’s go back even further to Socrates, that dude probably didn’t have a comfortable seat to sit on, but I bet he had on some comfortable shoes. Most likely they were sandals. It’s good to crack the toe knuckles from time to time when trying to get the best ideas out.

Now you know Dr. King had a comfortable seat in his office. I’ve seen the pictures. Like that black and white photo where he is sitting pensively lost in thought. The impression I get from the picture is that it is early in the morning and Doc King is contemplating on the next level of the struggle. Either that, or he just had grits and bacon for breakfast and the photographer snapped the photo while he was quietly listening for the bathroom to be available.

Now why am I going on and on about chairs?

Well, I just moved to Columbia, South Carolina and even though I packed up damn near everything I own – I sold my couches and chairs – thus I have had nothing to sit on. I haven’t been able to write because I’ve had nothing to write on. Sitting on the floor sucks. How did the Indians and all them other people do it? My back and neck HURT when I sit on the floor. Not to mention my ass as well.

So one day I went to Office Max and what did I see? Chairs. Big comfortable chairs. They ranged in price from 39 bucks to 169 bucks. I tested them all out. I now appreciate the phrase “You get what you pay for”.
I spent 79 bucks on my big brown comfortable chair. My new boss gave me a desk. I’m living in a 3-bedroom townhouse – of which one bedroom is now my office. This is all I need to start to write the classics.

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chase said...

yes lawd, i was a wreck until i got a new chair for my office desk....then i got a wifi and now anywhere i go (within 500+ feet is my office, lol)