Friday, April 28, 2006

It's Been a Long Time...

Ok already I know I know it's been a minute since I've updated this thing, you know how it goes, life gets h-e-c-t-i-c.

Sometimes I simply don't know what to say to you - forgive me.

If your a fan of the Sopranos here's my prediction: You know the two Arab fellas Christopher keeps dealing guns to? Well, I'm thinking that they will be the source of his downfall. Here's why: In the first or second episode of the new season two FBI agents were in Satriales eating sandwiches when in walks Christopher. After a couple of seconds of minor chit-chat the subject of terrorism comes up. I think I recall the agent asking Chris if he knew anything about Al-Qaeda or terrorists in general. To which Chris said, "Oh fuggeabout it, I'm against that shit as much as you are - and Tony, fuggabout it, he hates that shit."

During this season though they keep showing the same two Arab guys buying weapons from Chris. In one episode Tony asks Christopher, "Hey, do you think those guys could be Al-Qaedas?'

The writers are setting something big up with this story line. What a better way to get to Tony than through Chris, but could Chris be a rat? Hell, most mob guys are now.

And speaking of rats.

The worse plague to hit our communities since crack is the whole "Stop Snitchin'" mess. Look, here's the deal: If you are a member of a violent and or illegal organization the "Stop Snitchin' thing should apply to you. By the code of the street you shouldn't be out there talking to the cops about what other people are doing. That ain't cool. Because you're doing it too.

Now if you are an honest, hard-working citizen who is just out to make a living, 'Stop Snitchin' should not apply to us.

If you are in a gang or some other nonsense and someone robs, shoots or rapes you - you have folks to back you up, you can exact justice as you see fit.

But if you are an ordinary person who is out there minding their business and someone shoots, stabs, beats or rapes you or a person you love, what are you supposed to do? Just let it go? Hell no, we can't we have to stand up to these thugs. Maybe it's time for us honest, law abiding folks to take up arms against those that threaten us.

In the city of Baltimore where this whole "Stop Snitchin' movement was started they now have a new slogan "Silence Informers". Witnesses are being intimidated with threats of violence, in quite a few cases they have been killed.

No wonder the Black community is looked down upon, it's because we glorify thugs. I have an idea for a new slogan how's: "Harm a witness - Hang from a stop light."

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