Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm All Late and Shit

I dunno maybe I've been sleeping under a rock for a few years or somethin', but I never heard of this Katt Williams guy until this weekend when he did his HBO special: "The Pimp Chronicles Part One".

I laughed my ass off. This dude has got pimps down pat. I mean, if you've ever been around a pimp and listened to them talk, you'll see that, these brothers aren't dumb, it's just the way they express themselves is 100% street. Every sentence is 'bitch this', 'hoe that', 'mother fucker this', 'nigga that', shit, shit, shit with a few regular words of English thrown in for good measure.

I hear he's been in one of the 'Fridays' movies, see that's one reason I wouldn't know who he is because those movies annoy me. They are more buffoonish than Flavor Flav could ever be. Those movies and those damn gospel plays that tour the country every year like: "Baby Momma Drama', 'Young Man, Older Woman', 'Is that Man Your Husband' or 'He Say...She Say...But What Does God Say..." Those plays are buffoonish - nice messages though, but buffoonish!

I also hear he's on Nick Cannon's show 'Wild and Out', since I ain't a 19 year old I haven't watched that show. Nick Cannon is probably a good dude and all, it's just that his show doesn't appeal to me.

Katt Williams is a smart guy though. I say that, because when you compare him with the rest of the bunch (pick damn near any comic from BET), forget it. He's an original like Paul Mooney, Rodney Dangerfield, Robin Harris, Andrew Dice Clay and Sam Kinison.

What really makes me feel bad about not being up on duke is that he lived in Oakland for quite some time, hell he performed in clubs I've been in - just not on the nights I was there.


Voski said...

Whats tha deal skillz,

I caught his act this weekend on HBO, and I for one was completely sleeping on his skills. On more than a few occasions dude had me in stitches, but didnt he resemble that preacher in Richard Pryors movie "Which way is up". With the perm, velvet coat and the cross for a pendant. Something about that act, which I cant quite put my finger on, resembled a precher speaking to his congregation... (Man, the sad part about my last statement is that I dont even smoke weed, so I cant even blame that statement on anything!!

Trust me when I say this....you are killing the game with your Blog.. Keep it up man..

The All Mighty Mark Skillz said...

Yes, you hit it dead on the head! He could play a pimpin preacher like Sweet Daddy in Car Wash!

My wife and I were watching this dude and laughed our asses off: "Bitch, it's called self esteem, which means have esteem for yourself!"

And that part where he said something about..."I"m not talking about you 'simple bitch'!'

I hollered he has watched one too many pimps!

Yo man thanks for reading and commenting it is much appreciated. Coming up with stuff to talk about on this thing is hard sometimes, but sometimes I catch a groove and ride with it...

Voski said...

Yea, dude has been around a couple of pimps, pimps are hilarious by nature, the shit they be saying to be funny as shiznit. Its a trip that you said he was in the bay for a minute because as I watched the show, I coundnt help notice his dialogue had a major Bay twang to it. I was thinking that either he has been to the Bay hella times or has been kicking it with 40 water alot. Either way, he reminded me of a couple of hilarious characters from around the way.