Tuesday, September 12, 2006


HBO's hard- to- top-can't-be-stopped drama 'The Wire' returned on September 10th. As usual it started off slow. But that's ok, I have HBO on DEMAND and have already seen episode 39, and I can tell you that this season is gonna be the best yet.

This season they not only follow the cops and drug dealers but they examine the roles that the school system and local politicians play in nurturing kids.

If only these stories were the works of someone's imagination, we all would be able to rest comfortably in our beds at night. But these are real stories, well written and well acted by both professional actors and real street people.

The character that most people are trippin off of is is a hit woman named 'Snoop'. At first glance 'Snoop' looks like a young boy. She has short braids, wears baggy jeans, and over-sized white T Shirts, and boots. But she is rock hard! She really is from the street. Just listen to her talk and you immediately know: That ain't no actor!

Marlo the new cocaine cowboy on the scene is ruthless and smart. Can't wait to see how he and Omar (a hard core stick up man who happens to also be a homo thug) get along. Slim Charles - the last of Avon Barksdale's crew to be on the street, I wonder what will become of his character.

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