Wednesday, September 27, 2006

An Open Letter to Moazzam Begg

Dear Moazzam,

I just read an interview that detailed your account of your imprisonment and torture at the hands of my government. As an American citizen I sincerely apologize for your treatment. I will not be as so ignorant and apologize to you on behalf of all Americans because of alot of us are more ignorant today than we were at any time prior to 9/11.

I fully agree with your assessment that my government has made the world less safe since 9/11, your account is but the tip of the iceberg as to why.

When I was a little boy I wrote to political prisoners in this country, one of them was a man named Martin Sostre, as I recall he was framed for a robbery he didn't committ, he was incarcerated more so for his political views (and actions) during the early 70's.

But your account is far scarier: to take you from your family and deprive you of your human rights is demonic. Especially considering the fact that they had no evidence of you having any ties to Al Qaeda.

In the news I've read that there were no terrorists in Iraq prior to 9/11 - but they've found their way there now. When 9/11 first happened I remember the headline in Newsweek magazine said: "Why do they hate us?'

George Bush said, "they hate us because we love freedom..."

If anyone believes that then I have one thousand acres of prime real estate for sale in Florida, forget about any story you've ever heard about the Everglades, this is prime real estate!

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