Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Stalker in the Age of the 24 Hour News Cycle

John Mark Karr is either really guilty or really weird. I'm leaning more so toward the latter - really weird.

Here's a guy who has publicly apologized for the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey, has related an account of the killing and corresponded for 4 years with a journalism professor regarding the case. The professor alarmed at what he was reading contacted the cops. As well he should've. At first they dismissed him and then they changed their minds.

I don't doubt that this guy did something to some child - but I doubt it was Jon Benet.

Ya know in the age of a twenty four hour news cycle weird people will do all kinds of weird shit for attention.

His ex-wife says that on December 25th 1996 he was at home with her - in Georgia. The murder took place in Colorado. He said he drugged her and raped her. There were no signs of drugs found in her body during the autopsy.

On the way back to America, flying business class and sipping champagne all the while under the watchful eye of FBI agents but more importantly the media, Karr posed for pictures and supposedly clinked glasses of champagne with passengers. Homicide experts think the guy is enjoying the attention. I think everyone wants to be famous for something.

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