Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Take A Toke

To hell with 'Desperate Housewives' the shit you wanna see is "Weeds".

Here's the story: Widowed suburban soccer mom becomes the Weed Baronness of a fictional Southern California town called Agrestic.

It is hard to not like this show, there's the suburban housewife Celia Hodes: Queen of gossip, cancer survivor and bitch you don't want for a mother; Andy Botwin: Slacker brother in-law with nowhere else to go; Conrad and Halia: Halia is Conrad's aunt (and like my aunt) is the loud mouth, gotta have the last word, always be right and gotta let a nigga know it too type. They are the suppliers (and also the only Black people on the show).

Since there ain't sugar, honey, ice tea on TV nowadays do yourself a favor and check Weeds out.

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