Monday, May 08, 2006


America's Funniest Home Video's has got to be the corniest show ever. Rarely, if ever, does someone with an outright funny video win on that show. It's always the corniest, stupidest shit that wins.

Now I don't watch the show that much - just when the cable is out.

I remember the first time I saw it someone had sent in a video where they were walking on a brick wall or something and fell off and busted their head. Now that was funny to me.

Do you know what won though?

Some cornball went to go meet his girlfriend at the airport and he wanted to propose to her. So what did he do? This idiot had six of his best friends walk up to her one by one and give her a rose and there he was at the end of the line with a rose and got down on his knee and asked her to marry him in the airport. Disgustingly corny right?

Last night I'm watching it and someone sent in a tape of a squirrel running through their house. Now that is some funny shit, cause the squirrel was tearing that house UP.

Do you know what won?

Some lady trying to get her daughters attention by doing the 'Running Man' and the 'Cabbage Patch". Get the fuck out of here.

I know one reason it's corny, is because they gear the show to attract 'Middle America'. All I have to say to those folks in Middle America that laugh at that corny ass shit is: Go buy a better sense of humor.

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