Saturday, May 06, 2006

This One's For You

Hey I just wanted to take time out to thank you for reading this blog. I try to share as much with you as i can about myself. Yes, I am a hip-hop journalist - but I find that to be too limiting. I am an artist, a man, a father, a husband, a brother, an uncle, a son and a friend; defining myself as just a "hip hop writer' for me, doesn't fully encapsulate who I am. That's why I throw stuff in there about my kids and all that kind of stuff. I want you to see the real person.

I believe if I share things with you like my views on any given subject (hell read through this blog I think i'm pretty honest about where I stand on everything) you get a better sense of me as a person and an artist. Now lets get one thing straight though - I will not be devulging every little thing about my life, my sex life with my wife is off limits (previous encounters with women before my marriage are open for discussion).

I like Howard Stern - I don't think he's a racist, I admire how open he is about his life with his audience. But unlike Howard, I ain't tryin' to put my marital business out there cause, I ain't trying to see divorce court. Nope not me.

Not many people leave comments and I understand, it's cool to lurk. I just wanna say thanks for lurking around, when you get a chance spread the word. I might say things here and there that will piss you off. Sorry if I do. I try to be as responsible as I can while still being honest.

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