Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ya Could've Won Kid

Paris Bennett was kicked off of American Idol last night, while I was sad to see her go, I was not surprised.

Paris is an awesome singer I believe the full potential of her talent will be realized someday but as a performer she doesn't have it right now. I remember being blown away by her during the audition phase. She was incredible. But when it came down to the performances, I sat there watching her saying to myself "Where did all the magic go?"

For me her best performance was the Stevie Wonder night - she got down. Tuesday night she sang a Mary J Blige song and it was really good, but that first song she did "Kiss" by Prince was horrible.

Best of luck in the future kid you'll be okay.

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SmittyBanton said...

Keep blazin Mark. I don't comment, but I do come check your words often. Just lettin you know some out here are still feelin your style.