Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Got What It Takes

So things have been really crackin' on the voice over side of things, FYE has been showing a brother mad love the last couple of months. I've done Mobb Deep, Jagged Edge, Ghostface, DJ Quik and a few others.

I started voicing spots for them back in February, the first one I did was for Ne-yo. If you ask me, sonically, it's the best one I've done so far. And I've been crazy busy with those spots the last couple of months. I've only hit two bumps in the road: LL Cool J and Ice Cube.

With LL they wanted a female with a sexy voice to do his spot, the Poetess from LA ended up gettin' that gig. I wasn't mad - she's been doing her thing for a minute anyway, knowI"msayin?

Now Ice Cube was some other shit, I put in a lot of work on that spot ie; late at night and early mornings recording the vocal. And what happens? That nigroid decided he wanted to do it. What the fuck...stick wit actin' and rappin'. I ain't too mad, cause I still get paid a little somethin. But you know, it's the business, the client gets last say as to their product.

My man Aundrae from KJLH called me up and said he's got some work for a brother to do. I'm looking forward to it, I like voicing promos that shit is fun - especially concert promos. They have Keith Sweat, Ginuwine and Joe coming up in June. I gotta stay on my hustle so that i can get more clients - voice over work is hard - but it's fun, once you have the finished product.

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